Day Trips

The rock of Capo d’Orso

Spargi Island- La Maddalena

Porto Cervo

Church of San Trano - Luogosanto

Granite rock - Aggius

Capo Testa - Santa Teresa di Gallura

  • Trip 1. A breathtaking view
    Leave the B&B and turn right on the road for Micalosu. After 2 km uphill, between granite rocks and Mediterranean shrub lands, the road overlooks the breathtaking landscape of the gulf of Arzachena, and on the horizon, the islands of Caprera and La Maddalena. At the first crossroads turn left and go straight ahead, alongside the sea and the several creeks hidden amongst the myrtles and lentisks, until you reach the Capo d’Orso. Follow the path of natural steps up this popular rock, where you can admire the view of the Maddalena archipelago and the mountains of Corsica in the distance
  • Trip 2. Exploring the Islands
    Book a boat trip for the islands of the archipelago. Departing from the quay of Cannigione, after a one hour stop on the inhabited centre of La Maddalena, visit to the islands of Spargi, Budelli and Santa Maria: you can have a swim in the clear water and have lunch on board. A trip to remember.
  • Trip 3. Italian Chic
    Visit the centre of Cannigione, a suburb of Arzachena, which many years ago was home to local fishermen. Today it is a lively tourist town, where you can go shopping in very chic but cheap shops. It is worth having a browse in the shops selling selected gastronomic products from Sardinia. Then go ahead to Baia Sardinia, with its centre and its beautiful beach, the so called “Battistoni”, and then take a break in Porto Cervo, after Poltu Quatu, which was made popular by the Italian showman Umberto Smaila. Take a stroll in the back alleys of Porto Cervo, through its small square and its expensive boutiques. Go on to Cala di Volpe, Capriccioli and Romazzino beaches. In August it can be quite crowded, in other months less so, but it is worth going anyway.
  • Trip 4. Historical-Archaeological
    Out of Arzachena, on the road for Luogosanto, the Tombs of the Giants of Coddhu Ecchiu and the nuraghe La Prisciona are two of the most famous monuments from the nuraghi civilisation. Not far from there is the Li Muri necropolis, which is also worth a visit.
    Heading to Luogosanto, leave your car in the lay-by under the castle of Balaiana and follow the path of natural steps up to the castle and the little church of San Leonardo. Before reaching Luogosanto, you’ll also discover two other places of great interest: the castle of Baldo, with the church of Santo Stefano and the hermitage of San Trano, where you can enjoy the stunning view. In the centre of Luogosanto, the 12th century basilica boasts a beautiful granite facade and a holy door.
    You could end this trip with a picnic in the forest of La Filetta, where you can drink some of the purest water in Sardinia at a natural spring.
  • Trip 5. Wine tasting
    Ask the B&B for information about visiting the Surrau, the company which produces some of the best Sardinian wines: the Vermentino di Gallura, for example, is the unique DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin) of the island. And if you really are a wine lover, visit Berchidda (20km outside of Olbia), where the Regional Museum of Wine (museo regionale del vino) houses historical finds and a selection of the most significant wines in the whole Sardinia.
  • Trips 6. Granite rocks
    In the region of Gallura the atmosphere is always unique. A trip to Aggius, to the mountains and its Valle della Luna (the Moon Valley) offers you an unusual view of the granite rocks, which seem to have fallen from another world and in another time. In the centre of Tempio, the main town in Gallura, everything is made out of granite: the pavements, the monuments, the beautiful aristocratic buildings and the romantic Fontana Nuova walk. It is not to be missed.
  • Trip 7. Ethnic
    The seasonal markets offer unexpected possibilities for shopping: clothing, gastronomy, souvenirs, gadgets, ethnic products. You can find street markets almost every day of the week: on Monday in Cannigione, on Wednesday in Arzachena, on Thursday in San Pantaleo, on Friday in Palau, on Saturday in Baia Sardinia. Do not hesitate to ask the B&B for the updated calendar of other nearby towns markets.
  • Itinerary 8. Exotic
    Santa Teresa is the most northern town in Sardinia. It was built 200 years ago by the Savoia family (rulers of Italy at the time) and is based on the layout of Turin. It is characterised by its neat little houses and the perpendicular design of the streets and squares. Several restaurants offer the tastiest of local specialties - lobster. The Capo Testa headland displays the biggest and most dramatic rocks which seem to have been sculpted by a great artist.
    From Santa Teresa, you can take a half day boat trip to French territory; the city-fortress of Boniface offers the exotic atmosphere of the foreign legion.