Throughout the region of Gallura several feasts and folk festivals are celebrated during the year. The rural festivals are particularly beautiful, because they usually take place alongside picturesque churches and are characterised by the genuine devotion of the people and their hospitality; traditional Sardinian dishes are offered to participants for free. In addition to Carnival and Holy Week Feasts, the most important festivals are:

  • Aggius: 3rd Sunday in May (Madonna della Pace), 1st Sunday in October (Madonna del Rosario)
  • Aglientu: 25th January (San Paolo), 3rd February (San Biagio), 12th May (San Pancrazio), 5th August (San Pancrazio), 1st Saturday in August (sausage festival), 4th October ( San Francesco)
  • Arzachena: 1st May (San Giovanni), 11th May (San Michele), 15th August (Assumption of the Virgin Mary), 2nd Sunday in September (Madonna della Neve)
  • Bassacutena: 2nd Sunday of May( San Pietro)
  • La Maddalena: 22nd July ( Santa Maria Maddalena)
  • Luogosanto: 1st May (San Michele), 1st Sunday in June (San Trano), 13th June (Sant’Antonio), 1st Saturday in August (San Quirico), 8th September (Natività della Vergine- Birth of the Virgin: this festival is particularly amazing when, every seven years, the Porta Santa (the Holy Door) of the Basilica is open, 30th November (Sant’Andrea)
  • Palau: 1st Sunday in May (San Giorgio), 13th June (Sant’Antonio), 1st Sunday in September (Madonna delle Grazie)
  • San Pantaleo: 8th May( San Michele), 2nd Sunday in May( Sant’Antonio di Cugnana), last Sunday in May (San Martino), last Sunday in July (San Pantaleo)
  • San Pasquale: 17th May (San Pasquale)
  • Sant’Antonio di Gallura: 1st Sunday in May (San Giacomo), 1st Sunday in June (San Leonardo), 1st Sunday in September (Sant’Antonio)
  • Santa Teresa di Gallura: 13th June (Sant’Antonio), 1st Sunday in September (Santa Reparata), 15th of October (Santa Teresa)