Archaeological sites
Arzachena is home to some of the most important examples of Sardinian archaeology.
The two main nuraghi - amongst many in the area - are called Albucciu and La prisciona. It is worth a visit to both (a good tour guide service is available at the ticket offices) to fully appreciate the depth and importance of the nuraghi civilisation and its people who lived in Sardinia between 1800 and 500 BC. These big towers which were used as houses or fortresses, the huge cemeteries and the beautiful bronze sculptures (the so-called "bronze nuraghi") represent what remains of an entire civilization.

These cemeteries are better known as Tombs of the Giants, so-named by the Sardinians because of their size and the fact that they were collective burial sites. The Coddhu Ecchju and Li Lolghi cemeteries are in the immediate area and the necropolis of Li Muri, with its circular tombs, is also nearby.

These sites also emit an energy and magnetic force, which is said to improve wellbeing and can used for therapy and relaxation.
The Malchittu temple dates back to before the Bronze Age.